Introduction to Wood Creation Society and the 2023 Annual Report

Mù Chuàng Shè is a network community dedicated to the construction of websites related to Gāo Mù students and technical exchanges. Its predecessor, the embryonic form, was a GitHub open-source organization established by Qīng Hóng Kōng Yǔ in March 2023, and was later renamed Mù Chuàng Shè in September 2023. Currently, it will merge with Mù Huì Shè to be included in the "Mù Chuàng Huì Shè" (IP internal product consignment service, practical fan group, same-name corporate identity logo) architecture system. We have always been committed to the construction and maintenance of public welfare-related unofficial websites for Gāo Mù students.

At present, our funding mainly comes from voluntary contributions from Mù Chuàng Shè members.

  1. Server expenses: We encountered problems with server procurement. Before November, the Gāo Mù Fan community construction once adopted a Hong Kong server purchased by Qīng Hóng Kōng Yǔ from a domestic IDC (about 39 yuan/month). However, due to a serious operational accident by this service provider in early October, all community data was lost, and the Gāo Mù Fan community had to announce its closure in early October. Afterward, we explored other community construction methods, but none were satisfactory. In November, we placed the community, image bed, and other services of Mù Chuàng Shè on a Japan server provided by WaterApple (25 USD/year).

  2. Domain expenses: In order to facilitate user memory and provide better unified site services, we purchased some domain names with Gāo Mù characteristics. The domain names currently (formerly) used by Mù Chuàng Shè include 4 (,,,, these domain names are provided and renewed by Mù Chuàng Shè members Qīng Hóng Kōng Yǔ, Yī Zhǐ Sōng, and WaterApple.

  3. Cloud storage expenses: The community, Gāo Mù image bed, and Gāo Mù file resource station's related storage integrate multiple cloud storages, including Colorful Cloud, Cloudflare R2, Alibaba Cloud OSS, all provided and responsible for fund operation (pay-as-you-go) by Qīng Hóng Kōng Yǔ; file storage is provided by Nán Zhī and Yī Zhǐ Sōng for most of the comprehensive file hosting services of the Gāo Mù file resource station.

  4. Cloud acceleration expenses: In order to provide better network services for users in mainland China, we use CDN cloud acceleration services for some sites. Currently, some sites are provided with CDN services by Vercel, Cloudflare, and AWS Cloudfront.

We are just a small team working out of love. All contributions are made solely out of passion.

As of December 2023, the team has a total of 8 formal members, and some external personnel have also contributed to the construction of the site. We thank them for their contributions made selflessly.

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