The construction of Takagi Light Wiki site has stalled...

In January 2023, members of the Mù Chuàng Shè Team, RainBreezeMF and sotkg, initiated the construction of an anime document project based on Hexo, later converted to VuePress, called "Skilled Teaser Takagi-san" (referred to as "Takagi" below) - Takagi Light Wiki. In the blink of an eye, a year has passed, but the site has only completed the basic framework construction, and the core anime content can be said to be almost non-existent. In fact, since the beginning of 2024, the construction progress of the site has completely stagnated.
There are many reasons for this situation. In fact, there were certain differences and problems within the team during the initial construction, which can mainly be listed as follows:

  1. What is its significance?
    In the Takagi circle, there are already authoritative Wiki sites, such as the Takagi Fandom Wiki site, or the entries about Takagi in the Moe Girl Encyclopedia (referred to as "Moe Girl" below). They have been established and have more complete content than the Takagi Light Wiki site, so the position of the Takagi Light Wiki site seems somewhat awkward.
  2. High contribution threshold
    The overall files of the Takagi Light Wiki site are hosted on the GitHub platform in an open-source manner, and the front-end is rendered and pushed by cloud functions. However, for ordinary users, contributing code through Git is somewhat cumbersome and difficult. Currently, the construction of the Takagi Light Wiki site is mainly aimed at the Chinese community, and the goal of the site maintainers is mainly Chinese users. However, the poor network situation of GitHub in mainland China is also a problem for ordinary users. At the same time, to contribute to the Takagi Light Wiki site, users also need to master Markdown syntax and the usage of VuePress, which is quite cumbersome.
    In comparison, Moe Girl and Fandom use MediaWiki, which is much more user-friendly for ordinary users. There is no need to pull code in the poor network environment of GitHub, nor to install the environment locally. You only need to edit online, and then submit to complete the contribution.
  3. Program focus issue
    As mentioned above, the Takagi Light Wiki site uses the VuePress documentation framework, which is mostly used for technical documentation in practical use. Many of its features are specifically designed for technical documentation, such as code highlighting. On the other hand, MediaWiki, which is used by Moe Girl and Fandom, is mostly used for comprehensive wikis and is more suitable for non-technical documentation. Obviously, the Takagi Light Wiki site belongs to non-technical documentation, but it uses a technical documentation framework.
    Of course, we cannot simply criticize the disadvantages of using VuePress, and we should also mention its advantages.
  4. Lightweight and fast
    VuePress will render the site as an HTML static site and push it. Compared to the frontend program of MediaWiki, VuePress is faster and more secure. The completely static frontend means that it is difficult to be attacked. At the same time, because there is no step of querying the database in the static site, the frontend rendering speed will be faster than MediaWiki, and the website files will be smaller.
  5. Strong customization
    Compared to the Takagi Fandom, the main thing that the Takagi Light Wiki site can boast about is its interface, which is beautiful, fast, and concise. VuePress users can better customize the document page style by injecting CSS and JS.
    In short, after saying so much, it doesn't mean that we want to give up on this project. The project has been developed for more than a year and has gained some popularity. By using the keyword "Takagi Wiki" in the largest Chinese search engine Baidu, the Takagi Light Wiki site can be found at the forefront. The site is also at the forefront in Bing. In fact, we have found a more accurate positioning choice for it - to make it a site that indexes other Takagi Wikis. So it became the Takagi Light Wiki site, not the Takagi Wiki site, although this is currently just a tentative idea.
    We hope to see more contributors join this project and add more vitality to it.

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